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The Alphanumerics Research Lab at Emory University and Georgia Tech

Welcome to our lab page!

Our research lab specializes in biomedical signal processing and model-based machine learning for advancing biomedical research and addressing global healthcare challenges from very large datasets. We develop cutting-edge algorithms, software, and hardware technologies for the acquisition and processing of biomedical signals and data. In collaboration with our clinical associates, industrial partners, and affiliated labs, we are dedicated to delivering effective solutions and creating operational systems suited for real-world biomedical applications.

The exceptional capabilities of our research team, combined with the unique facilities of Emory University, direct access to one of the world’s largest and demographically diverse clinical data warehouses at Emory Healthcare, and the exceptional engineering resources from Georgia Tech’s Biomedical Engineering Department (currently, the #1 biomedical engineering graduate program in the US), has provided us with a unique opportunity to make significant contributions across various domains of biomedical informatics and biomedical engineering.

This page highlights some of our key projects and current job openings. We are eager to engage in and actively pursue interdisciplinary collaborations with groups worldwide. Our lab actively recruits graduate students and postdocs from both Emory University and Georgia Tech. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.